ESPN ‘GameDay’ Fan Waxes Bilas’ Head - Lost Lettermen

ESPN ‘GameDay’ Fan Waxes Bilas’ Head


From a maturity standpoint, there’s always a potential downside to performing in front of a live audience made up entirely of college students. The producers the co-hosts of ESPN “College GameDay” were reminded of that on Saturday at Indiana.

When the camera panned to Jay Bilas, a Hoosier student fan — using the Assembly Hall Jumbotron as a helpful guide — pretended to wax Bilas’ balding head. Clearly the cameramen and producers didn’t notice, as they kept the focus on Bilas and his unofficial head polisher for a good 15 seconds.

We previously thought clever signs brought to the “GameDay” set represented the pinnacle of clever fandom. Many thanks to this fan for showing us otherwise.


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