ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Blasts Idea of Paying Players


Colin Cowherd opened the Friday edition of his eponymous ESPN Radio show with a discussion on Northwestern football players’ vote to unionize. The conversation soon turned to the idea of paying college athletes - which Cowherd is very clearly against:

“…I don’t think paying all college athletes is great, not every college is loaded and most 19-year-olds [are] gonna spend it–and let’s be honest, they’re gonna spend it on weed and kicks! And spare me the ‘they’re being extorted’ thing. Listen, 90% of these college guys are gonna spend it on tats, weed, kicks, x-boxes, beer and swag. They are, get over it!”

When did this become a remake of Freaky Friday starring Cowherd and Bill O’Reilly?


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