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Erin Calipari Tweets Molestation Joke


Erin Calipari has used social media as a means of defending her dad before.

When Pat Forde criticized Kentucky’s hiring of John Calipari in May 2009, Erin blasted the ESPN columnist on her Facebook page. (Our personal favorite diss: “STOP PAT FORDE’S HAIR FROM DESTROYING THE EARTH.”)

So when someone took to Twitter to criticize Erin’s dad for the two Final Fours his previous teams have had to vacate, she fired back again.

What started all this was Erin Calipari finding out about the cake that Christine Donovan made for husband Billy after he landed two top-10 recruits in the Class of 2013 and tweeting a pretty witty reply (“I guess I’m about 50 cakes behind”).

When someone tweeted that Calipari should get two cakes for his two vacated Final Fours, she lobbed this grenade in relation to to the Bernie Fine sexual molestation case at Syracuse:

Both that hypothetical tweet and the child molestation-tinged reply have been removed by their respective users. ETA on the heart-to-heart conversation between Coach Cal and his oldest daughter is “any moment now.”

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