Ex-Rutgers DT LeGrand Moves Thumb

Eric LeGrand is still inspiring the world with his refusal to give up on recovery.

The former Rutgers defensive tackle was paralyzed in 2010 after a collision with Army’s then-kickoff returner, Malcolm Brown.

Despite doctors giving LeGrand a 0-5% chance of ever walking again, LeGrand reportedly mouthed “I’ll be back” to his mother a day after the injury. In the years since LeGrand’s injury, he’s shattered the limited expectations of his recovery, regaining limited movement and sensation as well as breathing unassisted by machines.

After posting the above video, LeGrand tweeted, “I had a bunch of my fingers twitching today but only had the video of my thumb #onlyamatteroftime.”

He’s got a full nation cheering him on to one day walk again.

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