Eddie Jordan Goes Back to School at RU


Following the revelation in May that he never graduated from Rutgers, new Scarlet Knights men’s basketball coach and former star guard Eddie Jordan is trying to set things right by going back to school.

According to Brendan Prunty of the Star-Ledger, Jordan is currently enrolled in two classes during Rutgers’ summer semester. After originally studying Health and Physical Education in the 1970s (a major that doesn’t exist at the school anymore), Jordan is now working toward a degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations.

“It’s been a rewarding experience,” Jordan told Prunty. “It’s been fun, it really has. The classes I’ve been taking have involved a lot of group processes, so that’s been very interesting. Some of the people know who I am and some don’t — and that’s nice.”

It’s worth noting that Rutgers didn’t ask Jordan to do this. School officials, in fact, insisted that the fact that Jordan didn’t have a college degree wouldn’t prevent him from being the Scarlet Knights’ new coach.

That Jordan insisted on righting this past wrong is perhaps the first good thing to come out of Rutgers in an otherwise embarrassing year.


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