Ryan Kelly Talks ‘White Raven’ Nickname


Duke forward Ryan Kelly is not only a potential x-factor player in the Blue Devils’ push for a national title, he’s also the owner of perhaps the goofiest nickname in college basketball: White Raven.

On Monday, Kelly was a call-in guest on “The Dan Patrick Show,” whose eponymous host asked him about the moniker.

“I went to Ravenscroft High School (in Raleigh, NC) and we were the Ravens, so I’m assuming that’s where it came from,” said Kelly. “And then obviously, I’m white.”

Well, Kelly is half right.

The brainchild behind the nickname is Grantland college basketball writer Shane Ryan, who gave Kelly the nickname as a rejoinder to former UNC forward Harrison Barnes being referred to as “Black Falcon.” Ryan’s recap of Duke’s win over Miami (FL) on Saturday, in fact, was titled “A White Raven Leads Duke Over Miami.”

If Bill Raftery is assigned a Blue Devils game during the NCAA tournament, we can’t wait for him to cry out, “White Raven! Onions!” or something similarly funny-sounding.

[The Dan Patrick Show]

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