Duke Students Make Controversial Chant


The Cameron Crazies have had a lot of great moments over the years. Thursday night against NC State might have been one of its lowest, depending on who you ask.

The most famous student section in America is being accused of chanting “How’s your grandma?” at Wolfpack guard Tyler Lewis, whose grandmother recently passed away. The incident came in the second half when Lewis was shooting free throws for NC State. If you listen to the video below, it’s clear that the majority of the student section was chanting “Past your bedtime” because Lewis looks so young.

But several people in attendance and Lewis’ dad, some Dookies were making the former chant. That obviously didn’t go over well with NC State players such as big man Richard Howell, who tweeted the following afterward:

Needless to say, anyone who took part in the “How’s your grandma?” should be ashamed of themselves.
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