Ducks TE Tweets Sandy Hook Conspiracy


Very early on Thursday morning, Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla posted a video to his Twitter feed suggesting that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December was a government conspiracy.

When pressed by another Twitter user who contended with his point of view, Lyerla responded with a since-deleted tweet that read, “The parents of the kids that supposedly died in the sandy hook situation are liars.” And throughout the day he retweeted people who supported his “free speech” argument.

Thankfully, the Oregon athletic department stepped in and made the following statement.

“Twitter posts attributed to student-athlete Colt Lyerla concerning the tragedy at Sandy Hook are insensitive and offensive, especially those devastated by the shootings, and we have communicated as much to Colt. Though the University of Oregon Department of Athletics as well as the football program have social media expectations in place for our student-athletes, at times, personal opinions go well beyond what we expect from our students. The University of Oregon and Department of Athletics understand that our young men and women have a great deal of freedom of expression on social media but with that freedom comes responsibility. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with the families of Sandy Hook.”

Lyerla exercised his right to free speech with his thoughts on Twitter. Let us do the same in response to him: Stick to football.

[Daily Emerald]

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