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Draft Fans Pranked With Fake Players


Have you heard of the football player Mike Hawke? Curvin Johnson? Neil Antblo? Buster Highman?

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t, because they don’t exist. But that didn’t stop many fans lined up outside Radio City Music Hall for tickets to Thursday night’s NFL draft from acting like they had heard of these players before and could speak to their pro potential.

This prank is the brainchild of the folks at Football Nation, who sent a “reporter” to the draft to get fans’ input on these fictional players. Our guess is that it was largely inspired by Jimmy Kimmel, who recently (and famously) sent a “reporter” of his own to Coachella to ask attendees to talk about completely made-up bands. The real genius of the video is exposing all the fans who think they are the next Mel Kiper Jr. as frauds.

Well played, Football Nation. Well played.



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