Dockett Hits on McCarron GF on Twitter

Brent Musburger wasn’t the only one on Monday night to make his affection known for AJ McCarron’s fetching girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

Three-time Pro Bowl and former Florida State defensive end Darnell Dockett took to Twitter — where he has over 130,000 followers — to see whether Webb would be interested in joining him for a bite to eat and then accompanying him to a Miami gentlemen’s club.

Dockett deleted the original tweet (hence the retweet above) and apologized for publishing a post he says was supposed to be a direct message. And the phone number Dockett posted? SB Nation’s Bud Elliott called it and said it apparently belongs to a Pop Warner cheerleading coach in Maryland. (Huh?)

But wait, it gets better. McCarron caught wind of Dockett’s tweets and engaged in some playful banter with him in the wee hours of Tuesday morning following Alabama’s BCS title game win.

Dockett’s crowning touch was the below photo he created with his Lockerz account.

As far as Twitter exchanges go, this doesn’t feel like it possesses a lot of animosity between Dockett and McCarron. What we would give to see them hash all this out in person.


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