DL Easley Disses Herbsreit for Upset Pick - Lost Lettermen


DL Easley Disses Herbsreit for Upset Pick


When Florida defensive lineman Dominique Easley was told that ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit had picked Toledo to upset the Gators on Saturday (Florida won, 24-6), Easley dismissed it — but not in “correct” fashion.

This isn’t the first historical faux pas that Easley has committed, as he previously thought that former Alabama head coach Bear Bryant was a cartoon character.

In Easley’s defense, just as he wasn’t alive for Bryant’s tenure in Tuscaloosa, he was at most one year old when Herbstreit captained and started at quarterback for Ohio State during the 1992 season. Easley’s likely not the only football player or fan in his early 20s to only know “Herbie” for his broadcasting career.


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