DIII Players Booted for ‘Harlem Shake’?


The “Harlem Shake” has become 2013’s version of “Gangnam Style”, with college sports teams everywhere taking part in the fun.

That is, aside from 11 football players at DIII Susquehanna University (PA) who were allegedly kicked off the team after partaking in a “Harlem Shake” video gone wrong.

As you can see from the video below, it doesn’t appear to be offensive except for some sexually suggestive poses by the football players. There could be some extenuating circumstances, such as the players sneaking into the locker room to film this, but this has to be the most bizarre reason we’ve ever heard of college football players getting kicked off a team.

As former Susquehanna tight end Logan Skillman put in on Twitter:

Hopefully the school’s athletic director will back down from this apparent draconian punishment so that the lives of 11 college kids aren’t altered forever over a silly music video.

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