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Dick Vitale TV Interview Goes Haywire


March is the time of year college basketball analysts like ESPN’s Dick Vitale work around the clock so a malfunctioning earpiece is bound to happen from time to time. Hopefully it just doesn’t end up on YouTube.

Unfortunately for Vitale, a recent interview with Chicago station WGN did just that after Vitale’s earpiece unintentionally had him listening to a Charlotte TV station one minute and Chicago’s WGN the next.

Hilarity ensues as the WGN anchor starts mimicking Vitale on-air and Vitale randomly talks about the injuries of North Carolina’s John Henson and Duke’s Ryan Kelly before finally hearing the Chicago anchors. That’s followed by a very long, awkward pause and Dickie V stating “Chicago baby! Chicago! Great, great city” before the interview finally starts.

This whole thing is awkward with a capital “A,” baby!

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