Dick Vitale in Tiff with NY Post Columnist

And you thought feuds in college basketball were only confined to teams, players and coaches. As it turns out, members of the media can get into it with one another, too.

In his Friday column for the New York Post, Phil Mushnick criticized ESPN color commentator Dick Vitale for being too much of an apologist announcer during the season-opening game between Maryland and Kentucky.

Mushnick felt that Vitale glossed over the true nature of Dez Wells’ transfer from Xavier to Maryland, as Wells was reportedly kicked out of the former. Musnick also criticized Vitale’s praise of Kentucky and his defense of John Calipari’s “one-and-done” system.

Vitale, normally a cheerful sort, didn’t hold anything back in his response to Mushnick via Twitter.

If anyone is going to display unadulterated joy for college basketball, even if it means not paying as much heed to its indiscretions, it’s Vitale. That’s how his personality is wired. So when he stood up to Mushnick, he was standing up for who he was as a person.

Dickie V, we think your response was awesome, baby.

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