Dartmouth FB Uses Bottle as Tee vs. Yale


When the Dartmouth football team arrived in New Have to face Yale on Oct. 6, the Big Green forgot one crucial piece of equipment: a kicking tee.

Yale’s equipment manager initially consented to let Dartmouth use a substitute tee. But shortly before kickoff, Bulldogs coach Tony Reno came over to the Big Green’s sideline and asked for the tee back, according to Dartmouth kicker R.C. Willenbrock.

Petty, yes. But that didn’t prevent the ingenious Willenbrock from doing his job, as he fashioned a makeshift tee from out of a water bottle.

The best part for Dartmouth is that they had the last laugh. The Big Green would defeat Yale, 34–14, and average 60.0 yards/kickoff with their makeshift tee, with two touchbacks. Yale, meanwhile, averaged 59.3 yards/kickoff and had zero touchbacks with their actual tee.

[USA Today]

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