Oops! DII Team Puts Logo at 45-Yd Line


The University of Minnesota, Crookston football team is in the news for the first time ever - but for quite an embarrassing reason.

The DII school uses the same “M” logo as its flagship school in Minneapolis-St. Paul. But instead of painting it on the 50-yard line of the football field, UM-Crookston accidentally had placed it on the 45. According to Crookston Times writer Derek Martin, the mistake was made by a school club that did it for free.

Two things to take away from this:

#1: This was brought to the masses’ attention by UM-Duluth QB Chase Vogler, so it’s good to see some healthy competition among the UM schools.

#2: At least it’s not as bad as the groundskeeper in the legendary Snickers commercial spelling out “Chefs” instead of “Chiefs.” Although this appears to be another “Great Googly Moogly” moment.

The good news? UMC broke a 39-game conference losing streak on Saturday. Who knows, maybe the off-center logo is a good luck charm.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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