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Crean Eats Gum After Dropping on Court


Indiana’s 99–45 victory over Sam Houston State on Thursday was pretty ho-hum. So much so that the dominant discussion following the game was how Hoosiers coach Tom Crean put a piece of gum he had dropped on the court in his mouth.

Crean didn’t see what the big deal was, as he had just removed the piece of Dentyne Ice from its wrapper. Nonetheless, the flack he received persuaded him to go on the Twitter defensive.

We’re with Crean on this one. For starters, props to him for using the moment to profess his great pride in even the most mundane details of Indiana basketball. And if Ohio State’s Thad Matta can pick up and eat dropped piece of gum he had already been chewing (below), then surely Crean can salvage a fresh piece.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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