Craiglist Trade: 2 BCS Tix for Brooklyn Apt

If you’re an Alabama fan living in Brooklyn, NY, and have a room to rent in your apartment, we have quite a deal for you.

An anonymous Craiglist poster is offering two tickets to the Jan. 7 BCS Championship Game in exchange for six months’ worth of rent (January–June). The poster says that the tickets are in Section 47 behind the Alabama bench and that they will have them in hand on Dec. 19.

On average, rent in a Brooklyn apartment is anywhere from $750–1,000/month, which would work out to $4,500–6,000 over a six-month period. The StubHub listing for the BCS title game suggests the two tickets the poster claims to have would be worth at least the same amount, if not more.

We’ve heard stories of people in New York desperate to find decent apartments, but this is a first.


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