Cotton Bowl Official Takes Funny Tumble

Major college football officials have it rough sometimes. If they’re not being called out for what players, coaches and/or fans deem bad calls, they’re being highlighted for tackling themselves.

Early in the third quarter of Friday’s Cotton Bowl, the latter fate befell the umpire of the game’s officiating crew. After placing the ball down at the line of scrimmage, he hustled to back pedal away from the line of scrimmage, anticipating a quick snap count from Texas A&M.

Alas, the umpire’s legs got tangled up with one of the Oklahoma down lineman’s and he was sent tumbling backward. Thankfully, he collected himself and got back to his feet before the play was run.

Perhaps the best summary of this lowlight was provided by Reddit user labamacrimsontide: “Oh look Oklahoma finally made a tackle.”


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