Corso Loves Wildcats QB ‘Calvin’ Klein

On-air goofs and f-bombs be damned, we hope ESPN’s Lee Corso never changes.

During Saturday’s edition of “College GameDay,” talk turned to the Texas-Kansas State game. Shortly after the guest host, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, predicted that the Collin Klein-led Wildcats would win, Corso expressed his admiration for the same player. Only he called him Calvin Klein.

Almost as priceless as Corso’s blunder of the K-State QB’s name was the doubled over reaction of co-host Chris Fowler. The ESPN camera had to pan away from Fowler for several seconds as he collected himself after Corso’s goof.

Perhaps Corso has his eyes  on a nice pair of boxer briefs for Christmas and this was a Freudian slip.

[Busted Coverage]

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