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Concept Vols Helmets Make Big Splash


Tennessee football might be wise to do more than bring on a new head coach as it tries to turn over a new, successful leaf.

On Thursday afternoon, Volunteers kicker Derrick Brodus tweeted out a photo of one of the better concept helmets we’ve seen this year. The solid orange stripe that normally runs down the middle of the UT helmets is replaced by the iconic checkerboard pattern for the end zones at Neyland Stadium, while the white facemasks have received an orange paint job.

Further digging reveals that they were designed by a Tennessee fan with the Twitter handle @TheBEZ11, who touts himself as the co-founder of R.I.S.K. clothing company. They tweeted it at Knoxville radio personalities Erik Ainge and Jayson Swain, the latter of whom mentioned it on his Dec. 11 show. Several Vols players, including Brodus, tweeted their approval as well.

While we love the traditional Vols helmets, we implore the athletics administration to seriously consider this alternative design for the 2013 season.


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