Conan O’Brien Makes Fun of Musburger


When it comes to making fun of Brent Musburger for his shenanigans during the BCS title game, Conan O’Brien has set a new gold standard.

On Tuesday night, the late night talk show host had a fake Musburger call in to further discuss his on-air adoration of Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama QB AJ McCarron. After apologizing, Musburger asked to check out Conan’s studio audience. Among the comments he made about female members of the audience:

“If you could see me right now, I’d be called for illegal use of the hands.”
“Hey honey, leave some blood for my heart.”
“Those jugs aren’t full of Gatorade.”
“I’d penetrate his secondary.”
“I’d throw a Hail Mary in his end zone.”
“I’ve been snorting Cialis.”
“I’m wearing my wife’s underwear.”

A slow clap to you, Conan, for your excellent roasting of Musburger - not to mention reminding us of how euphemism-filled sports can be.


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