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Burke’s New Arm Tat: Columbus Skyline


Alabama’s AJ McCarron isn’t the only successful college athlete to pay homage to his medium-sized city of a hometown with a detailed and over-the-top tattoo.

One of former Michigan star point guard Trey Burke’s pre-NBA draft purchases was a new tattoo paying tribute to his hometown of Columbus, OH — something that’s understandable yet sure to be a source of ire among Wolverines fans, as it’s where archrival Ohio State calls home.

Extending all the way from his right elbow to his right wrist, Burke’s tattoo is of the Columbus cityscape and cleverly pays tribute to the city’s highly successful Triple-A baseball team, the Columbus Clippers, with a ship sailing through a blue “C.”

Fans of whichever team drafts Burke certainly won’t have any problems picking him out on TV.

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