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Coach K Giving Injured Camper Game Tix


One of the attendees at the second session of this summer’s Coach K’s Duke Basketball Camp — an annual event for boys ages 9–18 — had his camp experience end prematurely when he suffered a broken leg.

While he was being treated in Duke Hospital the day of his injury, the camper got a pick-me-up from none other than Coach K himself.

“He told me how he heard that I acted real tough when I got hurt and that I would have fit in well with him in the Army,” the camper recalled in a Reddit post. “He then told me he’d be glad to meet me the next day at Cameron when the camp was over.”

Sure enough, Coach K was there to meet him — along with former Blue Devils stars Jon Scheyer (now a Duke special assistant coach) and Ryan Kelly. Additionally, Coach K offered the camper a courtside seat behind the Duke bench for a game at Cameron Indoor next season, to which the camper happily agreed.

Even if you hate Duke, you have to acknowledge that this is a class act.


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