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Clowney’s Wiki Page Hilariously Hacked


South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney has gone from mere dominant defensive end to Paul Bunyan-like folk hero since his legendary de-cleating of Michigan’s Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl. For a brief time on Thursday, Clowney’s Wikipedia page hilariously reflected that.

At the end of the paragraph detailing Clowney’s accomplishments for the 2012 season, the following was written:

“In the Outback Bowl, Clowney obliterated the entire state of Michigan when he hit Wolverines’ running back Vincent Smith and forced a fumble. There are now only 49 states in the United States and Roger Goodell has suspended Clowney for the first game of his NFL career.”

We doff our collective cap to you, anonymous Wikipedia hacker. We also eagerly anticipate the inevitable, Chuck Norris-inspired “Jadeveon Clowney Facts” that should hit the internet any day now.

[Throw the Flag Blog]

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