Clowney’s Massive Hands Turning Heads - Lost Lettermen

Clowney’s Massive Hands Turning Heads


Jadeveon Clowney showed that he’s significantly bigger and stronger than other football players with his bone-shattering hit on Michigan RB Vincent Smith in Tuesday’s Outback Bowl.

One Gamecocks fan found out just how freakish Clowney is when she was shown holding her hand up to Clowney’s. There’s a ... noticeable size difference. The tips of her fingers barely reach the top of Clowney’s palm.

Perhaps the girl whose hand is in the photo is on the smaller side. But that doesn’t do anything to take away from Clowney’s sheer size. If anything, it only reinforces why he so effortlessly recovered the ball with his left hand after jarring it loose from Smith like he was picking an apple.


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