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Clowney ‘2 More Years’ Tweet Goes Viral


The assumption of most college football fans is that South Carolina defensive end/man child Jadeveon Clowney would play out his junior year before moving on to the NFL, where he is almost universally regarded as the projected top overall pick in 2014.

That makes the following tweet Clowney posted on Thursday morning quite the item of curiosity.

Do SEC quarterbacks, ball-carriers and offensive linemen have to face the nightmare prospect of lining up across from Clowney for two more seasons instead of just the one? While Clowney didn’t say in the tweet when he would finish college, staying at South Carolina all four years certainly appeared to be the implication.

That improbable prospect got many members of the CFB Reddit community buzzing. The below comment was by far our favorite.

Whether Clowney stays in Columbia for one more season or two, let’s just savor the prospect of him delivering more earth-shattering tackles. That’s what’s really important, right?

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