Clowney Called ‘Doo Doo’ for Pool Poop


Jadeveon Clowney is seemingly the last person anyone would want to make fun of due to his penchant for delivering hits like this. Yet Kansas DL Keon Stowers and Clowney’s other childhood friends from Rock Hill, SC, have a nickname for the Gamecocks star that does just that.

“Our childhood name that we gave him was Doo Doo,” Stowers told KUSports.com. “When we were little we were in the swimming pool and he doo-dooed in the swimming pool. Ever since then, we’ve called him Doo Doo. I love hanging out with those guys when I go back home. We’re real tight.”

Insert Caddyshack joke here.

Clowney likely has no issues hearing this nickname from longtime friends. However, if you’re an opposing offensive lineman, it’s probably best if you don’t trying calling him this.


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