Chris Duhon Named Marshall Assistant Coach - Lost Lettermen

Chris Duhon Named Marshall Assistant Coach


Chris Duhon is slated to be the latest in a long line of former Duke players under Mike Krzyzewski to pursue a college coaching career, as he is expected to be named an assistant under new Marshall head coach Dan D’Antoni on Friday.

“You got to just start thinking as a coach,” Duhon told WSAZ’s Rich Donnelly when asked about his transition from being a player (Duhon was most recently a member of the Los Angeles Lakers last spring). “You can’t expect guys to do it the way that, you know, you did it as a player. You have to adjust to them in ways, try to teach them the right way to do it and adjust to the way they play and their playing style.”

Best of luck to Duhon in doing so.


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