Cheerleader Makes Crazy Trick Shot Again

Ashlee Arnau’s ascendance to internet fame when she hit a half-court shot on Thursday while simultaneously doing a front handspring was no fluke. Turns out that the William Carey University cheerleader and soccer player can do it on command.

Coincidentally, the same night that Arnau made her now-famous trick shot, Firefly Fisher of the Harlem Globetrotters was in Hattiesburg, MS — where WCU’s campus is located — to promote an upcoming Globetrotters game. When Fisher asked Arnau to make the cartwheel flip shot again in Southern Miss’ gym, she complied.

Arnau’s reward for proving that she is no one-trick pony: An appearance in the Globetrotters’ game in Hattiesburg on Wednesday, where she will try to make the shot one more time. We wouldn’t bet against her doing so.

[The Big Lead]

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