Ripped UGA Cheerleader Turns Heads


SEC cheerleaders are stereotyped as Southern belles known for their elegance and gentleness.

And then there’s Georgia’s Anna Watson, the Mike Mamula of cheerleading.

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She is the most ripped female college cheerleader you will ever see; She bench presses 155 pounds, squats 255 and can dead lift 230. Profiled in the student newspaper, Red and Black, Watson sounds like a “workout warrior” when she describes at one point working out an hour-and-a-half, six days a week and taking down 3,000 calories a day.

She claims she was close to a $75,000 fitness modeling contract but turned it down because the agent wanted her to use Anavar, a legal steroid to gain more muscle.

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Keep an eye on Watson, a junior, next fall on the Georgia sideline.

We wouldn’t want to be the opposing player that accidentally runs into her between the hedges.

[Red And Black]


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