Chaos Erupts at UCLA-Arizona Game


We’ve all seen brawls and streakers at college football games. But both at the same time? That might be a first.

With Arizona leading 42-7 with four seconds remaining in the first half, a fan ran onto the field in Tucson dressed as an official and blew the play dead, nearly faked the real referees out and then sprinted across the field and apparently stripped off his clothes.

At the same time, a massive brawl started between the Wildcats and the Bruins in which Arizona CB Shaquille Richardson and UCLA WR Taylor Embree were both ejected for personal fouls.

For Arizona, it was another low point in a season that saw them enter the game 1-5 and resulted in the firing of head coach Mike Stoops last week.

For UCLA’s Rick Neuheisel, who was already on the hot seat for a 3-3 start before a humiliating first half in Tucson, this could be the last straw for his stay in Westwood. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was fired on Friday.

And on the heels of the massive Southern-Arkansas-Pine Bluff brawl last Saturday that resulted in 41 suspensions, you can expect the Pac-12 to come down harshly on anyone involved in Thursday’s fight.

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