College Football’s Top 10 Week 2 Fails


There were plenty of great plays during the second weekend of college football action, like this Southern Utah “Hail Mary” caught with one hand by Cameron Morgan and this one-handed grab by Texas A&M’s Thomas Johnson.

And then there were other plays that were so bad they were comical. These are the latter as we we look at Week 2’s Top 10 Fails. And as you’re about to find out, the failures weren’t limited to the players.


10. Mizzou Man

We don’t know the story behind this Missouri fan dressed as a super hero, nor do we want to. We’re all for painting your chest and face but let’s do away with the brown mustard-colored underwear and pantyhose, shall we? We haven’t seen a super hero dressed this badly since “Blank Man.”

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9. Iowa’s Throwback Duds

We love throwback uniforms but the ones Iowa dug out from mothballs on Saturday were hideous. Worn in tribute to the 1921-22 back-to-back Big Ten title teams, the helmets had the Hawkeyes looking like Notre Dame and the jerseys looked like they had some wretched armpit stains on them. The Hawkeyes played about as good as they looked, losing a dud to Iowa State, 9-6.


8. Empty Guarantee

Having faith in you and your teammates is one thing. Guaranteeing a win over No. 1 Alabama when you’re Western Kentucky is quite another. That didn’t stop Hilltoppers LB T.J. Smith from saying this before the tilt with the Crimson Tide: “We’re gonna freaking win this game. Truly, we got a great defense, great linebackers — so watch this game, we’re gonna win.” The WKU defense actually played pretty well but the offense was nowhere to be found. Alabama won, 35-0.

Western Kentucky Mascot


7. Punting Away Manhood

We respect Maryland freshman punter Brad Craddock for trying to bring down Temple’s Matt Brown in the open field, but he learned quickly why veteran punters stay out of the way: They don’t want to be emasculated. You can bet the Terrapin special teams will have a laugh at this during film study.



6. Not-So-Nimble Feet

We swear we aren’t picking on kickers and punters. But the angle Mississippi State kicker Devon Bell took during the second half kickoff that Auburn’ Onterio McCalebb returned 100 yards for a touchdown was, well, atrocious. If you’re not going to even try and tackle a player, at least force him toward the sideline. Maybe Bell thought he was playing flag football, because he was left trying - and failing - to rip a towel out of McCalebb’s pants.



5. Pom-Pom Man

We’ve seen some ridiculously-dressed Ohio State fans in the past, such as the late “Neutron Man,” “Buck-I-Guy” and “Big Nut”. But the Buckeye fanatic that appeared on camera during Saturday’s game against UCF is the most absurd. A man that we can only describe as “Pom-Pom Man” got a close up on ESPN2 during Saturday’s telecast while dressed head to toe in pom poms with a small screen near the eyes so the super fan could watch the Buckeyes. We don’t know whether to be really impressed with this fan’s dedication or just be really creeped out. http://i.imgur.com/B0Jda.jpg


4. The Band is on the Field

At Cincinnati, being in the band is apparently a contact sport. Prior to the Bearcats’ 34-10 victory over Pitt on Thursday night, a trumpet player in the Cincy marching band took a spill running down the stairs and onto the field at Nippert Stadium at the start of the band’s pregame performance. Give the trumpet player credit though; he toughed it out and pretended to play his instrument even without a mouthpiece.


3. Trickeration Gone Wrong

Tim Tebow introduced us to the jump pass while he was at Florida. On Saturday, Kansas State QB Collin Klein introduced us to the backward jump pass – with a far worse result. On a 3rd and goal in the second quarter of Saturday’s game against Miami (FL), Klein took the snap in shotgun formation, ran toward the line of scrimmage, jumped and tossed the ball backward to RB Chris Harper while in mid-air. Unfortunately, Harper wasn’t in position for the ball and the play ended up in a 19-yard loss. K-State still won, 52-13, but hopefully this page in the playbook gets burned.




2. DII Disaster

Bowie (MD) State punter Gregor Koepping is lucky he only had to line up to punt four times in the Division II Bulldogs’ 28–14 victory over Benedict (SC) College on Thursday night. With his team leading 7–0 in the first quarter, Koepping went back for his first punt of the night. The long snap went straight through his hands. When he tried to recover the loose ball, Koepping kicked it away further into the backfield. By the time he recovered the pigskin, he had suffered a loss of 29 yards and Benedict had the ball at Bowie State’s 25-yard line.


1. Gone in a Flash

One week after making national headlines for LB Andre Parker running 60 yards the wrong way after a muffed punt (fortunately it didn’t count), Kent State had another moment for the blooper reel. Pinned up against their own goal line in the third quarter against Kentucky, the Golden Flashes opted for a safe run up the middle. That didn’t work out so well. RB Dri Archer tripped over the feet of quarterback Spencer Keith and fell into his own end zone for a safety despite being untouched on the play. And this time, the embarrassing incident counted. What was a 24-14 deficit at the time turned into a 47-14 blowout loss.

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