DUI’d Fan Blows .50 BAC After Civil War

34-year-old Matthew Hamilton of Beaverton, OR, set out to enjoy last Saturday’s Civil War game between Oregon and Oregon State. And boy, did he enjoy himself. Not that he likely remembers anything from that day.

After watching the game at a friend’s house, Hamilton crashed his truck into the railing on the Southwest Denney Road overpass and nearly plunged into the traffic of Highway 217 below. Upon being detained by police, Hamilton blew a .50 on the Breathalyzer—more than six times over the legal limit.

“In my career, I have never seen that nor have I ever heard of anyone having a blood-alcohol content that high and still being able to be talking and communicating,” Beaverton police officer Mike Rowe told Northwest Cable News.

We’re not sure if Hamilton was cheering for Oregon or Oregon State but he might want to refrain from drinking during next year’s clash between the two schools.

[Busted Coverage]

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