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Carrier Classic Bball Court Skirting Edge


After posting a photo on Tuesday of the court aboard the USS Yorktown for Ohio State’s Nov. 9 Carrier Classic matchup against Marquette, the admin for the Buckeyes’ team Facebook page jokingly added the caption “Chances of Aaron Craft flying off the left side of the ship after a scrappy defensive play? Pretty good.”

Then again, at first glance of the photo, maybe it’s not such a big joke. The left edge of the unadorned court as it appeared on Tuesday is right on the edge of the ship.

We’ll give the game’s organizers the benefit of the doubt and assume that either a) the end line for that side of the court will be a safe distance away from the edge; or b) there will be a protective barrier that prevents Craft and others from going for an unintentional swim in Charleston (SC) Harbor.

Otherwise we’ll have a faux pas on par with the Northwestern-Illinois “one end zone only” game in 2010.


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