Careless Officials Cost UConn in OT Loss

Tied with Marquette at 69-all heading into overtime on Tuesday, UConn started the extra period in encouraging fashion with a backdoor layup that resulted in a goaltending call, supposedly giving them a 71–69 lead.

But after conferring, the officials determined that they had lined the two teams up in the wrong directions to start OT. Thus, UConn was in fact shooting on its own basket on the opening play of the period, resulting in a negated goaltending call and possession for Marquette.

The consensus following the game was that the officials should have counted the basket and then switched the directions in which the teams were going to the right ones. Instead, Marquette caught a break en route to an 82–76 win that must have had UConn wondering why they were the ones punished for the officials’ carelessness.


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