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Calipari Accuses Duke Players of Flopping


Not that they had any reason to like him beforehand, but add Duke basketball fans to the list of people who don’t care for Kentucky coach John Calipari.

At halftime of Tuesday night’s Champions Classic matchup between the Blue Devils and Wildcats, Calipari was asked by ESPN’s Andy Katz for a first half assessment of his team. Calipari was happy while adding that his team would be doing even better if it wasn’t for Duke doing what Duke (stereotypically) does.

“They’re flopping all over the place,” Coach Cal said. “In the NBA they’d all be suspended.”

At the postgame press conference following Duke’s 75–68 win, Mike Krzyzewski was not terribly enthused upon learning of Calipari’s halftime accusation.

“He has a right to say whatever he wants,” Coach K said. “I thought we took some amazing charges and probably could have taken a couple more. There’s a difference between a charge and a flop.”

The college basketball season may have just started, but bickering season for the sport’s coaches is clearly a 24/7/365 past time.

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