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BYU Cougars Get All-Black Uniforms


Between their old-school uniforms and conservative culture, BYU is likely the last team you would expect to turn to the dark side with all-black uniforms.

But as rumored this past spring, the Cougars are breaking out black unis for a “blackout” for the team’s Oct. 13 home game vs. No. 14 Oregon State, unveiling the new look on Monday.

As you can see below, the all-black threads come with royal blue trim and what appears to be a matte black helmet with a white circle and blue logo instead of the other way around. This is a huge upgrade from the ugly look that surfaced in April without a circle around the logo and a spiky helmet stripe, although we don’t know how close the school was to actually using that design.

Judging by comments on the BYU football page such as, “OH MY GOSH I AM FREAKING OUT” to “It’s about freakin’ time we visit the dark side!” and “Those helmets are DIRTY SON!”, these uniforms look like they are going to be a big hit in Provo.

What is it about black uniforms that always seems to result in mass euphoria?

But we have to admit: We are huge fans of this look as well, as these unis are a million times better than BYU’s last foray into new uniforms. Grade: A

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