Burke Shows Off Fashion Sense for GQ


Still two days away from being drafted into the NBA, former Michigan star point guard Trey Burke is already poised to take his place alongside the likes of Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook as one of the league’s most fashionable players.

Burke was the subject of a very detailed photo shoot for the July issue of GQ in which he models several outfits that fall well in line into the ongoing NBA obsession with “hipster-chic” clothing. What’s more, he’s taking his fashion approach to draft night on Thursday very seriously, saying he has a tailor and a “special barber” in preparation for the event.

“There will be a lot of ‘specials’ that night,” he told the magazine. “Hey, we just did GQ! We can’t let the standards fall.”

We have a feeling Burke is going to hear about some of these pictures the moment he steps onto an NBA court for the first time.





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