Buckeyes Fans Petition POTUS for Pardon

If Ohio State defeats Michigan on Saturday, the Buckeyes will complete a 12-0 undefeated season but have no BCS National Championship Game appearance to show for it because of a postseason ban.

Anticipating this, one Buckeyes fan started a White House petition asking Barack Obama’s presidential administration to pardon Ohio State “from unjust NCAA sanctions preventing their rightful access to a BCS bowl game.”

The petition — which was filed under issues pertaining to “Civil Rights and Liberties, Human Rights and Regulatory Reform” — has since been removed from the White House petition website due to being “in violation of our Terms of Participation.”

While different in tone from the “fire Gene Chizik and Jay Jacobs” petition recently filed by an Auburn fan, it’s just as absurd. (Unsurprisingly, that Auburn petition has also been removed from the website.)

Although Obama is an avid college football fan who has been a proponent of a playoff, apparently fixing the economy takes precedence over reviewing NCAA sanctions.

[With Leather]

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