Buckeyes Fan Spells ‘Ohio’ with Skeletons

Halloween is no excuse to remove your school colors from your front lawn. If anything, it’s an excuse to augment them, as one Buckeyes fan demonstrated.

The aforementioned fan used four skeletons to spell out “Ohio” in their yard. Going left-to-right, the skeletons are adorned with the following:

  • O: Gray-and-red wig and a painted red ribcage
  • H: Tattered white-and-red Buckeyes t-shirt
  • I: OSU ski beanie and a tattered red-and-gray Buckeyes t-shirt
  • O: Red OSU baseball cap and Buckeye beads hanging around the neck

To top it all off, “Go Bucks” is spelled out above it in letters that sit inside paper pumpkins.

While spooky, thankfully it isn’t nearly as creepy as the people who used their recently deceased loved one to make the “I” in “Ohio.”


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