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Muhammad Unimpressed With GW Shot


UCLA escaped an upset bid from Washington with a 59–57 win at the buzzer. But was Bruins star freshman Shabazz Muhammad upset that he wasn’t the one taking and making the game-winning shot?

After Larry Drew II’s buzzer-beater, most of his teammates rushed over to dog-pile on top of Drew in celebration — with the notable exception of Muhammad, who walked off the court like UCLA had just lost. Muhammad was seen vigorously calling for the ball on UCLA’s final possession, only for Drew to take the shot himself.

Perhaps anticipating the backlash he would receive for his perceived actions, Muhammad explained himself thusly following the game:

“Oh yeah, I wanted the ball, but Larry is such an aggressive player. When the ball went up I knew it was going to be good. Everyone was on him and attacking him and I knew he was either going to have something broken or come up with some scratches, so I was going to wait until he gets up to congratulate him. That was a big-time shot and we’re all so happy that we won the game.”

You’ll forgive us if we’re a little skeptical about the genuineness of Muhammad’s comments.


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