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Broken ‘Bama BCS Trophy Goes for $105K


When the Coaches’ Trophy from Alabama’s 2011 BCS national title was accidentally shattered last April, it was valued at $30,000. At an auction held at the Alabama Celebrity Golf Tournament on Sunday, the remaining pieces of shattered glass that were put into a glass dish was auctioned off for three times that much: $105,000.

If it wasn’t for the “New Orleans 2012” insignia on the dish, we would assume that the shattered remains of the trophy — which was accidentally knocked over by the father of former Crimson Tide long-snapper Carson Tinker following Alabama’s 2012 spring game — was garbage. We wouldn’t offer more than $5 for it, let alone $105,000. executive editor Tommy Deas summed this all up the best with the following tweet.

[@CecilHurt | Reddit]

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