Brian Zoubek Closes NJ Cream Puff Shop

The dream (puffz) is over for former Duke center Brian Zoubek.

On Wednesday, Zoubek announced his decision on both Facebook and Twitter to close his Haddonfield, NJ, cream puff bakery, Dream Puffz, after a little over six months of operation.

“While I know there is a strong business potential of a cream puff-based shop, I have been presented with a terrific real estate opportunity that will require my full attention,” said Zoubek, who opened Dream Puffz last July. “After much contemplation, I have decided to close Dream Puffz to follow my growing interest in real estate and pursue another business opportunities.

Where the world will now turn whenever it wants a cream puff made by a 7-foot-1 man is anyone’s guess. Brian Zoubek profile

[The Blue Zone]

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