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Boise State Seeks Waiver for Homeless DE Recruit


[Update: The NCAA has thankfully ruled Boise State can assist Turner.]

Incoming Boise State DE recruit Antoine Turner is currently homeless. And the Broncos are rightfully seeking an NCAA waiver that allows them to do something about it now rather than wait until Turner arrives for summer school in June.

Turner spent the 2013 season at Fullerton (CA) Junior College, where he stayed with his girlfriend’s family. He told Yahoo! Sports that until he enrolls at Boise State, he plans on staying in motels when he can afford it and his girlfriend’s car when he can’t.

For now, BSU’s compliance office is advising local Broncos fans not to help Turner in any way and jeopardize his NCAA eligibility.

Here’s hoping the NCAA uses some common sense for a change.

[Dr. Saturday]

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