Jim Boeheim Fires Back at Doug Gottlieb

Jim Boeheim’s 900th win as Syracuse’s head coach on Monday ushered in a host of conversations about his place among college basketball’s greatest coaches, and deservedly so. But one member of the media, CBS Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb, was not one going along with it.

“Boeheim has been to just four Elite Eights and beyond in 40 years at the helm,” Gottlieb said during a CBS Sports Minute interview on Monday that aired prior to the game. “His players for the most part have underachieved in the pros. His school has been on NCAA probation and oh yeah, by the way, no one copies his style. I’m not saying he’s not very good, but he’s obviously not great.”

When asked about Gottlieb’s comments during a Tuesday interview on Syracuse’s The Score 1260, Boeheim shrugged it off.

“Hey that’s good. I’m happy. (laughs) There is nothing wrong with being good. I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. I think he has an agenda when he talks about things and his agenda has always been anti-Syracuse and an anti-Jim Boeheim agenda, really, for whatever reason. That’s fine.

“With him, he might not consider anybody great. I don’t know what he thinks. But being a good coach is pretty good. I don’t know what standard…if he has a hundred great coaches and I’m just good, then I might be a little upset. If he has five or six great coaches then me, then I’m not too upset with that.”

Boeheim is more than secure in his legacy as a coach. Comments like Gottlieb’s, clearly an attempted attention-grabber more than anything else, aren’t going to faze him at all.


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