Bobby Knight Disses Fab Five on ESPN

Even if their legacy was expunged from the record books, the legacy of Michigan’s “Fab Five” continues to live on as an impressive one. Unless you’re former Indiana coach and curmudgeon Bobby Knight.

During Thursday night’s Alabama-Arkansas game, Knight’s play-by-play partner Rece Davis was hyping up Saturday’s Michigan-Indiana tilt, mentioning how the Fab Five’s sophomore season was the last time the Wolverines were ranked No. 1.

“I’m not sure what the Fab Five was,” Knight responded. “They never won anything. They never won a championship, they didn’t get anywhere, they got beat. Fab indicates, to me, that you’ve won something. I’ve never been able to understand what ‘Fab’ was. It wasn’t championships, I always knew that.”

It’s lightning rod comments like this that ESPN pays Knight to utter, so in retrospect he was just doing his job. We’re dying to hear what ESPN colleague Jalen Rose’s response to this will be.


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