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Bo Pelini Puts Radio Caller in His Place


Discretion and maintaining a cool demeanor has never been Bo Pelini’s M.O. So Pelini should be given due credit for how he handled a caller critical of his coaching style during the “Bo Pelini Radio Show” on Wednesday night.

The caller suggested that Nebraska’s penchant for penalties (6.9/game, 39th-most nationally) was due to Pelini’s fiery demeanor “not being the face of Nebraska football.” Pelini asked the caller to clarify before defending his style.

“My players and I are close,” he said. “I’d run through a wall for them, and they’d run through a wall for me ... I’m a passionate guy, I’m an emotional guy. My players appreciate that about me and I’m not changing. How about that, my man?”

Later in the show, several other Husker fans called in to support Pelini and his emotional brand of coaching. Considering the annoying and nasal nature of the critical caller, none of them would have blamed Pelini for unleashing that emotion in chewing him out.


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