Bo Pelini ‘Has Idea’ Who Leaked Tape


Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini told sports radio host Bill King on Wednesday that he has a pretty good idea who provided Deadspin with a two-year-old audio recording of him cursing out Cornhuskers fans.

“I think we’re a lot closer to that, if it hasn’t been completely determined already,” Pelini told King “I have an idea.”

Pelini also told King that what he said was “in a private room between myself and two other people in an extremely emotional time.”

“You say things that you don’t necessarily mean,” Pelini said. “That’s why we as human beings often need time to regroup. Somebody chose to record it, and hold on to it, until, to attack me at some point.”

Our suggestion to this person in question, considering Pelini’s temper: You better call Saul Goodman from “Breaking Bad” and ask for the “vacuum cleaner” guy that can get you to disappear.

[College Spun]

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