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Ex-OL Matt Birk in Modeling Competition


After spending 15 NFL seasons using his considerable bulk to push around opposing defensive lines, former Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Matt Birk is now considerably slimmer - and trying to win a modeling competition to boot.

Birk has lost 75 pounds and shed 10 inches off his waist since retiring from the NFL in February. He’s also in the running to be the next “Vi Model,” be featured on the the cover of The Challenge Magazine 2014 and be the public face of Body By Visalus, a company whose goal is to end obesity.

“I don’t really think of myself as a model. Maybe a glove model,” Birk joked in an interview with the Baltimore Ravens’ team website. “I never thought I would pose for a picture with my shirt off. But I wanted to show people that it can be done and that we’re all in this together.”

Remember, this is the same guy who went from being a sixth-round draft pick out of Harvard to being a six-time Pro Bowler. Who are we to doubt his odds of going from offensive lineman to ripped magazine cover model?

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